calliope’s poboys franchise

With roots deep in the soulful soil of South Louisiana and a love of sharing Cajun and New Orleans culture with our guests, Calliope’s offers guests a taste of our beloved Louisiana home.

Our Story…

Calliope’s journey started almost 30 years ago in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with its first restaurant called Peter’s Poboys. Many think Calliope’s is a musical instrument or family name. However, those are not where the name stems. Calliope is the name of the street leaving the French Quarter, taking you to I10 leading to Houston. 

Truong and Celine, the owners, have their own story to tell about how Calliope’s came to be. The story starts back in 1995 when Truong’s Mother, Linda, opened their first restaurant. It quickly gained popularity and success as it grew to three locations. As the years passed, Linda’s children grew up and moved away for college. After settling in Houston, those same children decided it was time to carry on their Mother’s legacy and opened what is now Calliope’s Poboys Restaurant.

After over 10 years of recognized success in Houston, Truong and Celine have decided it is time to share the brand they have built with others and help them build their own legacy with a Calliope’s franchise. 

Calliope’s model is very different from other seafood restaurants. Calliope’s is the only cajun seafood restaurant in Houston with a drive-thru, yes, high quality, fresh, Cajun Style with an average ticket time of just 6-8 minutes. But, this is not ‘fast-food,’ it’s fresh food done fast.  

You will love sharing the sounds, feel, and flavors of Louisiana with your guests when you bring the distinctive fresh-baked French bread, the flavor of our boiled crawfish, the taste of the French Quarter, and more to your neighborhood

Your Story Begins Here…

When you join the Calliope’s Poboys family, you are joining a community-minded business that will allow you to have more control over how much money you make and how much time you have to enjoy the finer things in life. Calliope’s is a proven business model that has been successful for over 30 years. We work with renowned operations consultants to offer a franchise package that will provide all the tools needed to set you up for success.

Why Join Calliope’s Franchise?

original products

streamlined operations

Award Winning


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What You’ll Need For A Single Calliope’s Business…


Liquid Capital  Required
$150k minimum


Total Investment
$427,500 – $564,500


Franchise Fee


6% of the
Gross Sales

It’s so easy to get started!


A message from Calliope’s

We have a passion for Louisiana seafood and that is what powers the Calliope’s  Poboys franchise. Our goal is to set you up for success and help build your confidence with everything you need to be successful.

We have worked hard for the last year with the best of best franchise consultants to construct a system that allows you to open your very own Calliope’s as quickly as possible. Using an operation, marketing, and management plan that is tried and tested to give you everything you need for success. Every piece of business advice we will share has proven itself over the past 30 years.

Also, you are not in this alone. We will be beside you every step of the way. Even after you are well on your way, we will always be here for you as will our team and our trusted network of vendors. We look forward to you becoming part of our family.

Have questions about owning a Calliope’s Poboys Franchise?

Review and complete an Inquiry Form to have one of our franchise consultants reach out to you to discuss in greater detail and answer any questions you may have.
What is the initial franchise fee to open our first location?

An initial franchise fee of $35,000. is required.

What is the royalty fee?

The royalty is 6% of gross sales.

What are the required advertising expenditures?

A local advertising expenditure of 1% is required.

What is the required Brand Development marketing fund?

A Brand Development marketing fund of 2% is required.

What is the liquid capital requirement in order to qualify for a Calliope’s?

Our minimum liquid capital requirement is $150,000 in non-borrowed cash or marketable securities.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The term of the agreement is 10 years with renewal terms of five years each.

How big of a space will I need?

Your location size could be anywhere from 1800 sq ft square feet to 2200 sq ft square feet.

Who is responsible for finding the location?

As the franchisee, you will be responsible for finding and developing the franchise location. Calliope’s will support you by providing an expert third-party commercial broker to assist you with finding a location, as well as submitting your site package to the company for acceptance review.

How long is the training?

The Calliope’s franchise-training program is comprehensive. You will be required to attend up to 12 days of initial training at our facility.  You will also benefit from up to 10 days of pre/post opening training. 

What licenses and/or permits are required?

Calliope’s works with you to ensure that you have the necessary permits and licenses needed to open and operate your franchise. It may vary by City and State. Calliope’s will guide you to the proper resources necessary to comply with local regulations.

Where do the food and packaging products come from?

To maintain the consistency and quality of our brand, Calliope’s will provide you with a list of approved vendors and suppliers.

Can I open multiple locations? Is there a discount?

Yes! We always welcome multi-unit franchisees. Units two and three are discounted. We also offer a veterans discount.

Do I need restaurant experience to be successful?

Prior experience owning a restaurant is not necessary, but we do require a minimum of two years of restaurant management experience with a proven track record of success. You should also possess an authentic passion for quality food. Connecting with your community, and excellent communication skills, are all preferred qualities for acceptance as a Calliope’s franchisee.

Does Calliope’s offer financing?

No, not directly. However, we will connect you with funding sources that work specifically with franchisees and have made thousands of loans for start-up entrepreneurs.

Ready to begin your new business journey?